The parent company Proterm was founded in 1947 producing salt and products for heat treatment. At the beginning of the fifties the company started carrying out heat treatment procedures for third parties.

It the early seventies it underwent considerable development, significantly increasing both number and type of machinery. After moving to its current headquarters in Calderara di Reno it immediately assumed an industrial direction, leading it to acquire Siderit srl in1983 and Sitfa spa in 1990, thus becoming a point of reference for Emilia Romagna.
In the nineties SET srl and General Tempering srl were founded. These two companies, located in Reggio Emilia and Pesaro, were aimed at procuring local customers, positioning the group among the top Italian companies as far as turnover and number of employees are concerned. With the founding of HT srl in Castello d'Argile (BO) in 2009, the Proterm Group strengthened its position on the market, further increasing its offer and range of heat treatments. Today the group’s main challenge lies in the consolidation, expansion and extension of its existing services, bringing it to levels of excellence and market leadership. The group’s policy is to follow up every single innovation, pursuing performance and enabling it to satisfy customer requirements in one of the most demanding sectors of the global market.